Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Back To The 80's

Father Mercredi Community High School's MASC proudly presents Back To The 80's

Remember when Atari, cassette tapes and ghetto blasters were cutting edge technology? Whoa! Remember when Pac Man, The Rubik's Cube, Max Headroom, and The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were just awesome, dude?

Corey, as an adult, takes us back to his high school days to tell us about how much he liked Tiffany, how much Tiffany like Michael, and how Michael stole his Class President election speech, which caused Corey to lose the election. While Corey doesn't become Class President, he still wants to hold a fantastic party and have a great dance party.

Will Tiffany ever see the evil side of Michael? Will Corey finally get the girl of his dreams? Will the dance be a success? Meanwhile, how will Mr. Cocker cope with the news of his teacher-girlfriend being a previous centerfold model? Will the teachers' relationship be able to survive this hurdle? And...will Feargal ever get a date...will Eileen ever make new friends at the new school?

With music that will make you want to sing and dance, Back to the 80s just might remind you of your high school days! Wear your acid-wash jeans and your Madonna gloves, tease your bangs and comb your mullet. Back to the 80sis totally wicked!

Thursday, June 2 at 7pm
Friday, June 3 at 7pm
Saturday, June 4 at 7pm
All Seats: $15

Keyano Box Office is open Monday to Wednesday 12:30 pm to 4 pm, Thursday and Friday 12:30pm to 8pm, Saturday 11am to 4pm and an hour before a ticketed event. To purchase tickets call the box office at 780-791-4990 or buy online at

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