Friday, 18 December 2015

Fun Ideas for Christmas Decorations Made From Recycled Items

Christmas is the season for creativity not for shopping. This year instead of going to a crowded shopping mall to buy Christmas decorations stay home. That’s right stay home! Make some hot chocolate, take out the craft bin, search through the recycling and get creative! Not only will you save money but you will have a blast doing it. We scoured the internet for some creative ideas to help get you and your family get started. 

Christmas Hangers 

Used Tire Snowman 

Tin Can Candle Holders  

Plastic Bottle Lanterns 

Tin Can Jam Lid Drum 

Cardboard Box Christmas Tree 

Beer Bottle Christmas Tree 

(A Very Creative Way to Clean Up After a Christmas Party)

Used Light Bulb Christmas Ornaments 

Bottle Snowmen Ornaments 

Last but not least our favourite, WINE BOTTLE LIGHTS!   

Merry Christmas and Happy Decorating! 

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