Wednesday, 8 July 2015


 The Artist in Residency program invites you to be a kid again at our community engagement activity, CardboART! Join our artists in residence as they transform recycled cardboard into creative masterpieces. CardboART will be taking place at the Art Themed Urban Market, Jubilee Plaza, 10am-4pm.
What can be created from cardboard…well…ANYTHING!!! Check out these amazing works by artists from around the world. Get inspired and come to CardboART this Saturday and let your creative juices flow!

Bicycles by Chirs Gilmour

Welcome to Cardburg by Cardboard Institute of Technology

Cartonlandia by Ana Serrano

Chuck Taylor by Mike Leavitt

Church St. Record by Mark O'Brien

Dress made from cardboard and recycled materials by Peter Clark

Cardboard Chicken by Mark O'Brien

Motorcycle by Chris Gilmour

Four art students at Strode College in the UK submitted this sublime octopus to “Cardboard Catwalk”, a cardboard-themed fashion show at their school back in 2009.

Palace of Westminster Desk by Jonathan Ro-Schofield

Suit made of recycled materials by Peter Clark

Queen Victoria by Chris Gilmour

Shoes by Mark O'Brien

Space Odyssey by Ferry Staverman

Violin by Chris Gilmour

Volkswagen Bug by Chris Gilmour

For more inspirational ideas check out these creative pieces posted on Pinterest.

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