Friday, 10 July 2015

Artist in Residency Zine

Artist in Residency Zine, designed by Paul Jen

Hot off the presses, the new Artist in Residency Zine! Designed by Paul Jen, featuring Luke Maddaford, Reeny Hua, Ruddy Tuneeko and Ruth Perry. Get your copy at the Art Themed Urban Market, tomorrow, 10am-4pm, Jubilee Plaza, at the Artist in Residency table. Then stay for CardboART where you get to play and create pieces of art from recycled cardboard with the artists in residence.

If you would like some copies to showcase at your business or office please contact Michael Beamish,, 780-788-1498. 

"Ideas" created by Ruth Perry

"Roots" created by Reeny Hua 

"How Much Must I Pay to Live?" created by Ruddy Tuneeko
"Disaster Study 1" created by Luke Maddaford 

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