Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Odd Couple Opens Tonight!

Opening tonight at Keyano Theatre, The Odd Couple! Directed by Russell Thomas, starring Dave Boutilier, Zenon Campbell, Tim Heggie, Leanne Osmond, Diana Cretu, Chistopher Bowers, Jim Geary and Michael Beamish.    
This hilarious comedy, written by legendary playwright Neil Simon, was inspired by the real life post-divorce experiences of television comedy writer Danny Simon. The play features two oil and water roommates; Felix Ungar, a neurotic, neat freak, news writer, and Oscar Madison, a sloppy, easy going, sportswriter.  

Felix is thrown out by his wife and in desperation moves in with his friend Oscar Madison. Oscar enjoys life, spends freely, gambles too often, and never cleans preferring to live in a house filled with spoiled food.  Felix, on the other hand, is utterly incapable of enjoying anything except pointing out his own and other people's mistakes and foibles. Even when he means well, his corrections and suggestions prove extremely annoying to those around him. Oscar, his closest friend, feels compelled to throw him out after only a brief time together, though he quickly realizes that Felix has had a positive effect on him.

The show runs until Saturday, tickets are $20 and available at the Keyano Box Office or online.

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