Wednesday, 1 April 2015

TODAY IS Municipal Census Day 2015!

TODAY IS Municipal Census Day 2015!
The RMWB is embarking on a three-month journey that will bring immeasurable benefit to our community.
Census Day is a reference point – everyone who lives in Wood Buffalo on April 1, 2015, will be counted.
For every person counted, more than $200 in provincial grant money comes back into Wood Buffalo. This money is used for everything from airports and ambulances to police services and roadways. The water you use to brush your teeth, the parks where you walk your dog, the rec-centre where you work out and the public transit you use to get home are all tied to census information.
Census information is important to your departments and to the community. Urban planners and private developers need census information to grow our region. Every new street, new neighbourhood and new shopping outlet uses indicators and growth projections formulated with census data. Many social profits are funded on a population basis.
The census is all about you, your neighbours and your community. For more information on the Census, visit:

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