Thursday, 19 February 2015

WinterPLAY Guest Blog: Tito Guillen of the Fort McMurray Filmmakers Association – Let’s Make Movies

There’s a quote I really enjoy by Ira Glass, it pertains to writing but can be translated to any discipline. The TL:DR version is, if you want to get good at something, do it as much as possible so that you learn and grow from the experience.

This method also proves to the individual if what they are doing is truly something they want to be good at and in turn invest their time and resources to become educated in.

That is the idea of the Winter REELs Film Challenge. The challenge is an opportunity for filmmakers and those interesting in filmmaking to come together and create something in a very brief amount of time. This exercise is less of a challenge in film, as it is in storytelling and collaboration. In fact, it often works to the benefit of the teams to not all be filmmakers.

The concept is simple, a short film made in three days. To ensure no one films anything ahead of time, a group of elements is added to the challenge. They are often an object, a location, and a line of dialogue. The winner is the team that best incorporates these elements into their film. Last year introduced an audience vote for winner and this year there will be a judged winner and an audience choice favourite film.

Anyone can participate and all entries shall be screened on the big screen for friends and families to see. This year, they will be screened along side the 80’s feature ‘Revenge of the Nerds.’ That is also the only clue we have for potential teams this year.

The best advice for new teams participating is to not get too hung up on the technology of filming. It may seem overwhelming but story is everything. Take the time to give your script a start, drama, and resolution and you will be fine. 

For returning teams, the best advice that can be offered is to try something new while remembering that the elements and how they are used is key to impressing the judges. 

The YMMFMA is very proud of the entries submitted every year and look forward to seeing new and familiar faces in this year’s entries. 

The kick-off is at 9pm February 19th at the lobby of the Keyano theatre. This year will offer over $2500 in awards over several categories. The films will be screened on February 28th along with Revenge of the Nerds. This is a movie I have wanted to screen since the first Winter REELs. It will be an 80’s party with best 80’s clothing winning a prize from Nerdvana.

Hope to see you all there. Cowabunga!

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