Thursday, 4 September 2014

Glenrose Hospital Call for Submissions

Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital (GRH) Arts in Rehab Council offers artists an opportunity to exhibit their works. We are a health-care facility unique to Alberta and are devoted primarily to high-level rehabilitation care of seniors, adults and children. This facility is visited by approximately 160,000 individuals annually, including inpatients, outpatients, visitors, volunteers and staff.

The Arts in Rehab Council was developed to create opportunities for patients and staff to be exposed to Alberta and Canadian art and artists. The Council focuses on exploring sources for artwork exhibition or acquisition and evaluates any and all art works for display. 

Deadline: October 31st, 2014 


The Arts in Rehab Council is currently inviting submissions for art displays for the 2015 year for two gallery walls (Blue Curve and Mezzanine Galleries) and a glass display case area (Art on the Inside Gallery). Please see Gallery Description for more details. 


Submission Form Biography of the artist and artist’s picture if available 10 – 15 digital images or photo prints of proposed work Image list (including title, medium, size & price) promotional summary (25 – 50 words) of the proposed exhibition for use in general publicity 

Kara Cooper 
Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, 10230 – 111 Avenue 
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5G 0B7 


Only successful candidates will be notified of their submission being accepted for exhibition. The decisions of the GRH Arts in Rehab Council are considered final. 

Artists are responsible for framing, delivering, hanging or otherwise displaying and removing their own art. Artists are responsible for supplying supplemental materials to accompany the exhibition and assist in promoting their show, such as a guest book, onsite poster, labels and price list. 

Artists may choose to have an opening reception for the exhibit. Arrangements for the event must be made with the Arts in Rehab Representative. The artist is responsible for all costs associated with a reception. Full details will be discussed with the artist at the time of booking 

Artists have the option of pricing their works on exhibit for sale to the public. All art sales transactions are processed through the Friends of the Glenrose Corner Store where most forms of payment are accepted. The Arts in Rehab Council will assess a 20% commission on all sales of art during the period of the exhibition. The artist will receive payment at the close of the exhibit. Art pieces, including those sold during the period of the exhibition; remain on display until closing day of the show except in extenuating circumstances. Commissions on sales are used to support the Art of the Possible, Artist in Residence program for patients of the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital. The percentage of commission may be negotiated (reduced or waived) for emerging artists. 

The Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital will use the promotional summary provided with the artist’s submission in standard publicity venues such as internal newsletters and local media listings. Artists may arrange for additional advertising at their own discretion and expense. 

For more information, please call Kara Cooper at (780)735-7986 or email enquiry to 

Deadline: October 31st, 2014 

An emerging artist is someone in the early stage of their career who has not yet established a solid reputation as an artist amongst art critics, art buyers, and art galleries. The term emerging artist is often used for recent graduates from a prestigious art college, but can also apply to someone who has made a career change or recently decided to prioritize their art above everything else (adapted from Art Glossary: Emerging Artist by Marion Boddy-Evans).


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