Thursday, 9 January 2014

Donate Your Old Computer to a School or Library!

Is your business buying new computers? Consider donating them to a school or library!

The Computers for Schools (CFS) Program is a national, federal government-led initiative that operates in cooperation with all provinces and territories, the private and volunteer sectors. Program funding recipients collect, repair and refurbish donated surplus computers from public and private sector sources and distribute them to schools, public libraries, not-for-profit learning organizations and Aboriginal communities throughout Canada.

Placing more computers into classrooms means that Canadian students get more hands-on opportunities to learn about computers and new technology, to develop new skills, and to learn how to make better use of the Internet.
CFS completely refurbishes donated equipment by replacing parts, wiping hard drives, installing operating systems, and thoroughly cleaning and repackaging each unit for distribution to schools, libraries, not-for-profit learning organizations and Aboriginal communities anywhere in Canada.

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