Friday, 8 November 2013

Instruments of Change Music Program in Wood Buffalo

The Legacy Children’s Foundation/Tervita "Instruments of Change" Music Program is Coming to Wood Buffalo!
The Legacy Children’s Foundation is pleased to announce that their proven and popular music programming is coming to Wood Buffalo! 
The program will support financially challenged/at risk children and youth by providing: musical instruments, the financial resources to pay for lessons from local, first rate musicians and various music related workshops that introduce youth to the many career options available to them through the music industry... to date well over 500 young people in close to 30 different community based locations throughout Alberta have been supported.
Daniel, a participant in one of Legacy’s school based sites, flashes a huge smile when asked to talk about his experience with the program.  Daniel is a grade 7 student who has been taking lessons since November 2012.  His favourite part of learning to play guitar is having the ability to share and show off his skills to his family and peers.
He is most excited to be able to learn notes and tabs so that he can teach himself how to play songs that he finds on the Internet. Prior to becoming engaged with the Legacy program, he would feel sad because he was not able to play songs that he heard and liked. His goal, by next year, is to be able to play a lot of songs and to be able to tune a guitar without having to use an electronic tuner. Daniel commented that lessons are only possible for him as a result of being offered the opportunity by the Legacy Children’s Foundation Gift of Music programming.
The primary objectives of these programs are to assist youth like Daniel to complete their education and to stay on a positive life path. The programs continue to yield incredibly powerful results with over 80% of participating youth remaining in school and out of trouble with the law. As we all know completing high school is a huge cornerstone to becoming a successful and contributing adult and Legacy is honoured to bring their program to a community that has shown such a high level of enthusiasm and that has an incredible pool of artists to draw from.
If you wish to learn more about the Legacy Children’s Foundation/Tervita Instruments of Change Music Program please visit our web-site at www.legacygiftofmusic or contact our local coordinator Dave Martin at

The Legacy Children's Foundation - Alberta


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