Thursday, 28 March 2013

Words in Motion 2013 - Feature Poem of the Day

Under Canvas

Dirt smeared feet hastily washed in a nearby creek
scissor against the slickness of nylon.
Cold ground seeps
through sleeping bags cast upon a tarp,
claims treasured heat collected from the afternoon sun. Draws into
the stretched night air stories of the day. Hands flutter. Sun speckled
and worm‐knobbed they take flight: butterfly, then long‐necked swan
followed by inchworm take centre stage
against the stained canvas walls. Mosquitoes compete
as Noseeums torch untucked skin. Coyotes yip —refuse sleep,
and crickets friction their dry songs. Cocooned in your nearness,
jumbled limbs stilled, laughter softens into giggles and eyes flutter
behind paper lids.

by Cathy Yard

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