Friday, 22 March 2013

Alberta Board Development Program - Great Resources for Boards

(Information in this posting was retrieved from on March 13, 2013)

Often, we are asked to assist with the development of a board or committee, or to offer guidance in create a more effective committee.  The Government of Alberta Culture Ministry's Board Development Program is an excellent resource for local boards who are seeking to enhance their structure and development.

The Board Development Program offers workshops, guidance and resources.  You can access their services by visiting  

In particular, their information bulletins are filled with tangible bits of advice for issues effecting boards and committees.

Board Development Program Information Bulletins The Board Development Program publishes information bulletins on a variety of board-related issues. Each of the information bulletins published covers a special topic area that is relevant for not-for-profit board members and senior staff seeking information about improving skills and gaining knowledge in the area of governance. The information provided in each information bulletin, including contact names and number, has been reviewed for currency.

check out a list of their bulletins by visiting:

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