Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Wood Buffalo Arts Showcase Brainstorm Session

Released: 2012 June 6

Due to recent developments within the local Arts Community, the YMM Podcast is looking to organize an event that will showcase talent from within our region. Tentatively titled “The Wood Buffalo Arts Showcase”, we are looking for participation from all forms of arts disciplines for a one-night multiple-style performance to the public. The goal is to prove how vibrant and alive the arts scene is in our region and to generate further interest from individuals who may not be familiar with what we can do.

Join us for an Information / “Brainstorming” Session Thursday, June 7 2012 at the Bob Lamb Building Room #234 between 8:30pm – 10pm. We are looking for ideas, suggestions, types/level/interest of participation, and basically any other details we can cover in order to make this event work.

Please note that this is NOT a rally, protest, or debate of any form. We are only looking for individuals who are interested in this type of event and their ideas in order to make it successful.

Please forward this to whomever you think will be interested to attend.
Look forward to seeing you there!

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