Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Call for Applications: Thematic Residencies, Banff Artist in Residence, and Work Study Programs

Faculty: Vincent Normand
Guests: Etienne Chambaud, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster
Program dates: November 13, 2012 - December 7, 2012
Application deadline: Extended to June 29, 2012

Speaking for real: this isn't a history painting, it's a book of stories. A book being written with stories like the ones you get told when you're getting your head chopped off—before going up there, or coming back from the show. Stories like they tell in museums.

This residency is addressed to participants willing to engage in speculative inquiry on the matter of exhibition, whether they work as artists, curators, or writers. The moment of exhibition will act as a figure towards which converge diverse spaces of authority (the studio, the exhibition space, criticism). The residency will thus be structured in as many points of enunciation, with individual studio and research time, public talks, and collective discussions enhanced by screenings and reading sessions.

Faculty: Duane Linklater
Guest: Brian Jungen
Program dates: January 7, 2013 - February 22, 2013
Application deadline: June 29, 2012

We should meet in the mountains to investigate: What colour is the present?

On a weekly basis, the Wood Land School will convene to share work, performance, poetry, dance, video, mix-tapes, songs, drink, and food to determine what colour is the present. Our determinations will be guided by our languages, where we come from, our city lives, our rural lives (or in between). We will get together to see what becomes of this.

Please note: Enrolment to this program is limited to individuals of Aboriginal descent (status, non-status, M├ętis or Inuit).

Program dates: January 7, 2013 - February 22, 2013
Application deadline: June 29, 2012
Faculty: Abbey Shaine Dubin
Guests: Theaster Gates, Christopher P. Heuer, Matthew Jesse Jackson

Much of the visual art of the twenty-first century vivifies the formerly neutral, decorative surfaces that have surrounded the discussion, production, and display of artworks: the gallery opening, the white cube, the PowerPoint lecture, the auction house. And over the last decade a renewed sense of art's expressive possibility has flourished as more stuff began to be treated as if it were art. A cloud of evaluative anxiety accompanies this new art. Perhaps we have so much information today that only its deficit can bring about a truly arresting art experience. Or maybe we can put it this way: if the twentieth century was defined by the Readymade, then perhaps the twenty-first century belongs to the Nevermade.

Our Literal Speed is open to all practices, scholarly and artistic, that engage the question, "Why is contemporary art contemporary?"
Banff Artist in Residence (BAIR) Programs
Fall Program dates: September 10, 2012 - October 26, 2012
Application deadline: Ongoing as space permits
Late Fall Program dates: November 13, 2012 - December 14, 2012
Application deadline: June 29, 2012
Banff Artist in Residence programs offer independent periods of study where artists, curators, and other arts professionals are free to experiment and explore. Participants are provided with an individual studio accessible 24 hours a day, as well as use of Visual Arts facilities including printmaking, papermaking, ceramics, sculpture, and photography. BAIR offers short and long-term opportunities to work at a remove from the constraints of everyday life.

Similar to an internship, The Banff Centre offers work study programs in visual arts studio, curatorial practice, preparatorial practice, arts research and curatorial outreach, and arts research and administration. These are hands-on opportunities that allow individuals to work on projects with direct mentorship and support in a multitude of areas focusing on the participants learning objectives. Learning opportunities may be formal sessions and/or workshops or informal opportunities arising out of daily situations. The work portion of the experience will primarily focus on activities that complement the participant's learning objectives as the work relates to the real and ongoing activities of Creative Residencies and Walter Phillips Gallery.

Current opportunities:
Visual Arts Studio Work Study
Visual Arts Curatorial Research Work Study
Visual Arts Aboriginal Administration and Research Work Study
Walter Phillips Gallery Aboriginal Preparatorial Work Study
Walter Phillips Gallery Preparatorial Work Study

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