Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Ribbon Cutting at Composite High School

Graffiti Abatement Mural Project

Ribbon cutters from left to right:Deputy Mayor Phil Meagher, student 
body representative Penny Chun, mural artist Wil Yee, Composite
High School Principal Graham Abbott, and Constible Jones

This morning we hosted our official ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the completion of the first Municipal Public Art mural project. The sixteen by sixty-two foot mural was completed over the duration of two weeks. The artist, Wil Yee created the artistic concept, composition and executed the work on the exterior wall between May 14 and May 29th. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the sponsors and partners on this project:  the Public School Board, Composite High School, Aluma Systems, the RCMP, the Municipality's Parks, Beautification and Culture work units and all the local and provincial media that help provide coverage for this project. 

A special thanks go out to  Deputy Mayor Phil Meagher, Loraine Demers, Graham Abbott, Constible Jones, Penny Chun, Ken Wills, Ana Maria Mendez-Barks, Christian Villacillo, Echo Schmidek, Jillian MacDonald and of course Wil Yee! The effort and support that you've put into this project has made it a wonderful success, thank you so very much.

Below are a few pictures from this mornings ribbon cutting, if you would like more information about this mural, project or Wil Yee please visit the municipal website by clicking here.

Above: Culture Coordinator Connor Buchanan welcomes 
attendees and introduces Deputy Mayor, Phil Meagher  

Deputy Mayor Phil Meagher discusses the mural, community
identity/prideand the merit of legal street art.
Close up of the ribbon cutting team

Wil giving Wallace Snowdon from Mix 103.7 an interview

Near the end of the morning, a few attendees stick around
to consider the work and meet the artist

From Left to Right: Wil Yee, Connor Buchanan and Jillian MacDonald
goof around a bit and canoe with Composite miners, Mike and Molly

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