Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Fort McMurray LGBTQmunity - meeting update


The Fort McMurray LGBTQmunity is a non-profit society which provides a safe and supportive open environment for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer and Questioning people and those who support them, to meet and engage in social activity with one another.
Further goals of the group are to promote the acceptance and celebration of LGBTQ people and to educate the Fort McMurray community at large on issues pertaining to LGBTQ people.

Currently, our business meetings are every second Monday, in the Public Library's Study Rooms, 7:00 PM.
Social Meetings start at the Library, with a quick briefing of the Monday's business and moves on to funner things!

This space also hosts our Youth Group meetings, alternating Fridays with our main group's Social Meetings.

For more information, please contact
the Board of Directors at

***Friends, family, and allies welcome***--

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  1. Hi there,
    Your site, LBTGQumunnity Fort Mac, does not say any of this (or at least in an easy to find manner, including the upcoming events page) it took about ten google searches to find any current information about gay support in the Wood Buffalo area. Also slightly disappointed that the only resource listed on the Pride centre of Edmonton site is the HIV Society, and that has a dead link. We need more outreach here, there are tons of closeted or semi closeted gays in Fort Mac, and many open gay people (such as myself) have difficulty finding like minded people when not interested at looking at cruising sites. We are an invisible minority in a masculine dominated community, and it can be difficult to talk about relationships or anything gay related, without it turning into jokes about gay sex when with your non gay friends. I don't find judgement is a problem here, only breaking through the first few levels of understanding.