Friday, 26 August 2011

Raw Destinations: Exhibit Grand Opening

Above image: Mayor Blake giving her opening remarks, while the artists sit in the front row

Above: Attendees listen to Mayor Blakes opening remarks.

Last night was the grand opening of a new art exhibit in Wood Buffalo. The Artist in Residency Program participants presented the bodies of work that they have been creating over the past three months. The grand opening at the Suncor Centre for the Preforming Arts, located in the brand new Holy Trinity High School (Timberlea) hosted over seventy five art enthusiasts. The exhibit titled Raw Destinations: explorations of the individual phenomena will be available to the public from August 29th - October 21st, so please visit the incredible new facility and see the show. Below are a few pictures from last nights grand opening as well as the didactic information for the show. If you'd like more information about the exhibit or the AIR program please visit the municipal website:

Above image: The artists from left to right, Paul Neiman, Carli Gaudet, Kriza Borromeo, Megan Green and Lucie Bause.

August 29th – October 21st 2011
Featuring: Lucie Bause, Kriza Borromeo, Megan Green, Carli Gaudet and Paul Neiman

The artists of the first Municipal Artist in Residency Program have challenged themselves and worked over the summer to create unique bodies of work. The collaborative nature of the studios space gave the participants the opportunity to pull inspiration from one another as well as offer critical reviews and constructive feedback on each others works. Although the environment presented an interactive and open space the works produced there represent five distinct perspectives and practices.

Raw Destinations presents select pieces from the final bodies of work created by each of the residency participants. As a group, the artists spent three months working together and interacting in the same studio space. However, each artist has expressed that their experiences were predominantly internalized and self exploratory throughout the residency. The artists wish to convey their individual perspective and the growth that they experienced while in this program. It is from that sentiment that is the foundation for the title, Raw Destinations: Explorations of the individual phenomena.

These artists are in the process of finding their stride and personal styles. The subject matter presented in this group exhibit ranges from the fashion and beauty industry to traditional landscapes and taxidermy. The thematic influences cover a gamut of artists from art history such as Klimt to contemporary American rock band Weezer. Viewers can see works that raise poignant questions about the male gaze, gender roles and the concept of home. It is also apparent that some artists are focused on honing certain techniques, choosing to focus on the materiality and process of creation rather than a working from a specific conceptual driver.

Although the works may at first glance have little correlating thematic or subject matter, upon a closer review of the artist statements and individual works the viewer may realize that many pieces reflect significant pop culture influences as well as an exploratory approach to materials. These two things serve as a common thread between these emerging artists.

Please visit the Municipal website for more information about the individual artists or the Artist in Residency Program:
Above: Attendees at the grand opening of Raw Destinations

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