Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Aurora Choir News Release.

Aurora Children’s & Youth Choir announces they are cancelling their choir programs! .Difficulties finding a rehearsal space in a location and time acceptable to all parents, with the equipment needed to run rehearsals became overwhelmingly difficult.

The choir’s Music Director, Joanna Torguson, is very dissappointed. “I've worked extremely hard through the past 6 years to establish this group and I'm sad to have to shut it down when we have so many kids registered for this year.” Torguson says she's looked into a ton of options and run into either overwhelming costs or overwhelming logistics to make everything work.

Murray Torguson, Choir President, is frustrated as well. ``My wife has put her heart and soul into setting up this group and providing an outlet for Fort McMurray kids to safely find their voices and sing.`` He notes that the choir provided entertainment at many local events and that there is no other group of its kind to fill the vacancy.

The choir will take a hiatus this year and perhaps try again next year to find suitable space. If no space is found, the choir will shut down permanently.

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