Thursday, 7 July 2011

The 2nd South Asian Canadian Summer Music Festival back in town

‘This is the most amazing night of my life in Fort McMurray,’ squealed a young boy as he danced to his heart’s content. Another bearded man in his 60s danced to a folk tune. Some young girls in psychedelic colours and saree-clad women joined the fold gyrating to the rhythm of the beat. The air was electric with excitement and spectators dwindled as the numbers on the dance floor grew in a frenzy of colour and decibels.

The gathering was incredible. People from all walks of life danced till the wee hours of the morning. McIsland was impeccable in its food quality and service standards. South Asians and Canadians in their gorgeous finery revelled in the entertainment without distinction.

“The entertainment was amazing! The selection of musicians, singers and dancers was wonderful, such a talented group of artists. The meal was delicious, a great opportunity to taste cultural foods - a fantastic array of food choices, something for everyone to enjoy. It was truly a memorable and enjoyable cultural experience. Many thanks to the organizers for providing such a great night of South Asian hospitality, I look forward to the 2011 event!" said Kimberly Timmons, Public Education & Awareness Coordinator, Fort McMurray Victim Services.

That was the reception the South Asian Canadian Summer Music Fest, the first of its kind, last July got from fans of South Asian culture resident in Fort McMurray. Centred around Canada Day, it purports to be a showcase and a beginning of many ventures that will uplift and add colour to the culture scene of Fort McMurray.

Behind the scene are two very self-effacing gentlemen, Paul McWilliams, Director of Advancement for McIsland and Zafar Iqbal, founder of the South Asian Art and Culture Association of Alberta, both very critical and familiar faces on the culture scene in Fort McMurray. Paul is excited about the event and says, “We are honoured to be part of this celebration that reflects the multicultural diversity of the community.”

Zafar adds,”My vision is to promote an inclusive community where every part feels connected in body and spirit.”

Thus once again on the 9th July 2011 to our city comes the 2nd South Asian Canadian Summer Music Fest with renewed fervour, glitz and style to entertain and pleasure the senses. All who are ready to give in, grab your tickets. This event is brought to you in part by Fido and Cellcom Wireless, Rogers’ authorised dealer in Peter Pond Mall.
Mary Thomas
Fort Mcmurray


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    1. I find it appalling that someone like you should pick on one performer out of so many. I too was present that day & I found this singer very talented. She did more than one performance & everyone on my table really enjoyed her singing and dancing too. I think she was singing from an IPOD not a phone. I think only someone who is immature & jealous would write something like this .
      Shame on you for putting a young artist down. Performing in front of so many people takes a lot of courage & there were other artists who did a worst job than this particular person. A lot of so called professional singers use their laptops for displaying their song lyrics but we don't see this. This awesome Folk Fest doesn't need people like you who puts artists down. Its easy to sit back & criticize. My Family & I have been to the Folk Fest in Fort Mac for two years running & I will be going again for another year. I hope this very talented artist performs again cause I for one would love to see her amazing talent in both dancing & singing. This artist's performance was thoroughly enjoyable & very much appreciated by my Family. Even the audience around me were clapping & tapping their feet . If we have people like yourself who put talented artists down then you certainly don't need to attend such events. Its a shame you don't know how to appreciate talent when you see it.
      I praise the organisers for giving talented artists like this one an opportunity for performing in front of a large crowd & hope that they will give other artists the same opportunity. Every famous face in music started somewhere & if they listened to negative people like yourself then the world would be a very disappointing place to live in. Thank you to the organisers of this awesome event & I hope that more people will support this awesome Anual Event which requires a LOT of hard work behind the scenes as well as Financial commitment. Thank you for a great show & can't wait for the Third Show in July 2012.

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  2. It least have the courage to announce your name. Only cowards who are jealous of a very talented arrtist could say something so derogatory. Shameful that you couldn't appreciate that this awesome performer who came back to perform for the second year round is very populaf with the crowd of this Event. My Family & i watched her change in & ouf of differant costumes to perform 4/5 differant performances that night for both singing & dancing. Something which requires a LOT OF ENERGY.This beautiful artist did an absolutely amazing job & to give up her valuable time to travel from Calgary to Fort Mac is truly admirable. I would like to Thank the Organsiers who chose this particular Artist & hope that they come back again for the Third year. We can't wait to see her perform once again , which she does with so much passion & dedication. A true pleasure to watch , beautiful voice which can only be appreciated by those who know HOW TO APPRECIATE . Looking forward to the Third Annual south Asian Folk Fest 2012. Good Luck to the Organisers who work so hard to bring this Event to our city & shame that peoplel like yourself don't appreciate this. Maybe this year you should help the organisers instead of sitting back & criticising, which is so easy to do. Hope our city can give more support to events like this Financially & physically to keep our cultures alive & to expand on Multiculturism & Diversity in our Country .