Friday, 21 January 2011

Do You Know About Local Programming?

Hi Everyone,

I have a message from a current student in the Leadership Wood Buffalo program who needs some community support.





My name is Pavlina Vaverka. I am a student in the Leadership Wood Buffalo program and my group and I are doing a project that is based on engaging the mobile work force. We are presently looking for information in regards to activities/courses/programs in the Wood Buffalo region that might be available to people that are working shift work and/or have limited time? Does your organization presently offer any activities/courses/programs that are either targeted to this type of worker or even just to people that are unable to commit to something weekly over a long period of time?

If it is best that I speak with someone specific in regards to this inquiry please forward me their contact information. Thank you in advance for taking the time to review this request!

Kind Regards,

Pavlina Vaverka

P: (780) 791 - 1600
C: (780) 531 - 4471
F: (780) 791 - 2898

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