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Diana Moser, A Few Good Men

Keyano Theatre’s first play in its 4-Play Drama Series A Few Good Men, written by Aaron Sorkin and directed by Dave Horak closes this Saturday. Do not miss this tense, award-winning, drama about military lawyers at a court-martial who uncover a high-level conspiracy in the course of defending their clients, two United States Marines accused of murder. The show plays tonight and tomorrow starting at 8pm. Purchase your tickets today at

Community Strategies coordinator Michael Beamish, recently interviewed local actor Diana Moser about her experiences in the show playing the character Lt. Commander Joanne Galloway. A lawyer with the Navy JAG Corps, specifically the internal affairs division where she works as an investigator.

Michael Beamish: When did you start acting?

Diana Moser: I did some acting in musical theatre in high school, but I really got into acting when I was cast in the ensemble of Les Miserables at Keyano Theatre a couple years ago. I’ve done two more plays since then, Cabaret at Keyano and the one act play The Most Massive Woman Wins with Theatre; Just Because.

MB:  What were the rehearsal like?

DM: The rehearsals were very interesting. We spent the first several rehearsals sitting at a table, reading carefully through the script and noting significant shifts in character, emotion, mood, etc. As a cast we had good discussion of the themes of the play, and what was important to us in putting on this production. We spent time going through movement and space exercises, which really got us working together as an ensemble. I found that moving around and blocking the show helped to solidify lines for me, and then the director’s specific work with us on the intention and thinking behind all of the lines and scenes strengthened my character and her relationships. I really enjoyed adding in the technical elements of the play (costumes, sound, lights) too. It sure went by quickly though!

MB: What was it like working with Dave Horak?

DM: I enjoyed working with Dave! He had a clear vision but he was very interested in helping me get through my process of building my character and relationships. I always felt like I could try things and really play. He was thoughtful and supportive, and he brought in many ideas and concepts for me to try as an actor; I learned so much. He definitely steered this ship with confidence!

MB: Who have you bounded with most in this show?

DM: As an actor, I feel that I bonded the most with Brodie, who played Daniel Kaffee. He has such great energy and I found that we had strong chemistry on stage. I always felt good about trying things, he was right there with it. He’s so pro, I learned so much. I would totally work with him again.

MB: What is it like acting with your husband, Chris?

DM: It was fun acting with him! We did Les Miserables together, but we never interacted as characters. Our characters in this play are reluctant partners, mostly held together by Kaffee, which was an intriguing relationship to play. I think I most enjoyed seeing him develop his character. And working on this play together sure made learning lines a little easier!

MB: What is your backstage ritual?

DM: Aside from the usual warm up, hair, makeup, and costume, I need to ground myself. I check my props and costume change placements before the start of the show, and I like to just sit in my dressing room until we’re called for the top of the show. I don’t close my door, I like hearing all the commotion going on, but I keep myself directly out of it so that I can be aware of myself and my mind set.

MB: What is your favourite line and why?

DM: “I know how to fight, but you know how to win.” (Act 1, Jo to Kaffee)
Jo decides what is important – sure, she doesn’t quite like Kaffee, she doesn’t really understand his personality, the whole situation around the case bothers her – but she realizes the bigger picture and how to get there. It is hard to recognize the parts of yourself that you wish were better, and it’s even harder to admit when someone else can do what you can’t. But that is the reality of life, and you can draw strength where and when you need it by embracing this.

MB: What is your favourite scene in the play?

DM: My favourite scene in the play is in Act 1, when the JAG lawyers visit the Guantanomo Bay Marine base and they meet Colonel Jessup and his officers for the first time. There’s great shifts in power, character motivations and traits are highlighted, and there’s a lot of important information that the characters and audience find out.

MB: Why should people come see this show?

DM: People should come and see the show because of the characters, the story, and the energy. What Aaron Sorkin created through his words and what we have developed as a cast and crew is unique and fascinating. Bonus – you may hear a famous line or two!

For tickets or more information please visit or contact the Keyano Box Office at 780-791-4990.

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