Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Free Gallery Space

A new group exhibit space has been created within McMurray Experience called Art in Motion. This gallery space is kinetic featuring a Ferris wheel style apparatus that rotates the art pieces. Artists will have their work exhibited within this rotating display case, and their information (didactic panel) shown on an electronic screen as their work rotates through the feature spot. They will also have the opportunity to sell their pieces to the public though their works will remain on display till the end of the exhibition. 

Art in Motion is currently looking for new submissions to their Fall Exhibition, Crisp, Oct. 1 to Jan. 8. From a freshly printed 50-dollar bill to a breath of fresh air in November the fall theme, Crisp, is deliberately ambitious to challenge artists to be creative and to think outside of the box. Express what “crisp” means to you, deadline for submissions is Sept. 18 and submissions are only accepted online via the online submission form. The exhibit has space for 12 pieces. Please visit www.rmwb.ca/artinmotion for more information and to submit your work.  If you have questions regarding A.I.M please contact Kizzie Sutton, kizzie.sutton@rmwb.ca, 780- 743-7984.

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