Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Wood Buffalo Idol

Tervita Instruments of Change invites you to support access to music arts for deserving youth in Wood Buffalo.

Take a picture or video of yourself enjoying music.

We want people in Wood Buffalo to revisit their passion and excitement for the music arts. Play doesn't end when you are nineteen years old! We want people to grab a mic, a drum or an air guitar and rediscover what they will always have inside them; their own music story which started in our early years.

Music made an impression on all of us when we were young. It is the same for our music students. The music our youth listen to and play today will be a part of them for their whole life.

Please use #WBidol in social media when you post your picture or video.

Reconstitute the music arts as often as you like and invite others to do the same!

Invite yourself to our Fundraiser Event on April 11th, 2015 at SEPCA. Bring your instrument and your favourite song. 

Tickets are $75 dollars, $50 of the ticket cost is tax refundable. 

For more information on the fundraising event please contact;

Dave Martin
(780) 881-6869

Tervita Instruments of Change connects local youth with donated instruments and local musicians. A stay in and complete school initiative, Instruments of Change collaborates with schools so youth experience success through the music arts. For more information on the program please visit the Instruments of Change website .

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