Monday, 5 May 2014

"Shakespeare Selfie" Writing Challenge ends May 9, 2014

April 23, 2014 marked the 450th birthday of William Shakespeare. To celebrate, CBC’s Canada Writes will be holding a national writing challenge and pairing it with a series of original fiction. 

Shakespeare used selfies all the time. But instead of a camera, he used a quill. From April 14 to May 9, Canada Writes will be asking Canadians to take a Shakespearean character, situate him or her in a present-day scenario, and write a new soliloquy (a speech in which the character talks to him/herself) or monologue for that character. 

What would Hamlet mutter under his breath if he had been dragged to a bad poetry-slam event? What choice bon mots would Caliban unleash after his Plymouth Reliant breaks down on the Trans-Canada? We want to know in this writing challenge. #shakespeareselfie


Word count: 200 to 400 words
Challenge open to Canadians aged 12 and over 
Submission period: April 14 to May 9, 2014

For more information about this contest, please click here

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