Thursday, 22 August 2013

Call to Local Artists- Photographers, Poets and Visual Artists

Photographers, Poets and Visual Artist

Open to residents of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo  
   Deadline for Entry: September 15, 2013

(late submissions will be accepted until October but priority given to those who entered in a timely fashion)                                                                                                                                                                            

Concept in Brief:
Photographer is asked to take a picture of a “Character”, the photo is then given to a poet who creates a poem using the photo as inspiration, the poem is then given to a visual artist who creates artwork using the poem as inspiration but without seeing the original photograph—the photograph, the poem, and the visual art are then displayed together.

Invitation to photographers, poets and visual artists to submit samples of past work in consideration for an exhibition of between 18 and 30 different artists.  Must be able to meet deadlines and complete original project within 4-6 weeks.  Preference given to those who can be inspired from concrete subject matter.  Reference letters accepted but not required. 
Acceptance will be determined by a 3 judge panel.

For full details on the project and submission requirements please contact Mike at:

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