Friday, 12 October 2012

CBC Canada Reads 2013 is Seeking Nominations!

Started in 2001, Canada Reads is CBC's annual battle of the books, where five Canadian personalities each select a book they want Canadians to read. They defend their chosen title in a series of debates, and the books are eliminated one by one until a winner is declared. The debates air on CBC Radio One, CBC TV and are livestreamed online through CBC Books.

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New for 2013!!!

"Canada Reads is back for its twelfth season. And this time around, we're doing things differently. Canada Reads 2013 is going back to fiction, but that's not all. This year's battle of the books will be divided along geographical lines. After all, we're one great nation but we also have our local pride.

So we decided to tap into that loyalty to regional roots in order to build this year's Canada Reads book list."
How will it work?
We divided Canada into the following five regions. (We wish we could have had more, but only five books can vie for the Canada Reads crown.) Each region will be represented by one book in the debates.
  • British Columbia and Yukon
  • Prairies and North
  • Ontario
  • Quebec
  • Atlantic Provinces
In order to arrive at a Top 10 list for each region, we are inviting public nominations. You can nominate only one title in each region -- but you needn't be from that region to submit a nomination. You can nominate a book in each of the five regions if you wish.

We will also be mining regional book awards and tapping into avid readers from CBC's team from coast to coast for their recommendations. These lists will be put to a vote and the votes each book will receive will count toward their overall total.

In each region, the 10 books with the most votes will move on to round two. So there will be five Top 10 lists in total. These will be revealed on Wednesday, October 24, on
Q and on the Canada Reads website.

To learn more about the 2013 process, or to nominate a book, click HERE

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