Monday, 12 September 2011

The First Grader

Happy Monday, I just wanted to give you all bit more information about an amazing film that will be screened this week in town as part of the new community initiative - Reel Performances.

In a small, remote, mountaintop primary school in the Kenyan bush, hundreds of children are jostling for a chance for the free education newly promised by the Kenyan government. One applicant causes astonishment when he knocks on the door of the school. He is Maruge (Oliver Litondo), an old Mau Mau veteran in his 80s, who is desperate to learn to read at this late stage of his life. He fought for the liberation of his country and now feels he must have the chance at the education so long denied—even if it means sitting in a classroom alongside six-year-old children.

See the film trailer, here:

Reel Performances Films:
September 14 – The First Grader
October 12 – The Bang Bang Club
November 23 – Oranges and Sunshine
December 14 – Potiche

Recital Theatre, Keyano Theatre & Arts Centre 7 pm
Tickets: $13 or get the 5th one free when you purchase 4 films (the series will continue in the new year)

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