Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Alberta Artography

Yardley Jones, Four Girls in Jasper

Hello Wood Buffalo residents,

I was once again, searching the Internet for Provincial art activities and this time I stumbled upon Alberta Artography.  This is a provincial art initiative being taken on by a group called, It Only Takes A Dream or more commonly know as IOTAD. From my understanding Alberta Artography is a site where artists who currently reside in Alberta are able to upload images and didactic information about their practices to one site. Alberta Artography is a part of the larger Artography project which includes other provinces in an effort to highlight artist working within Canada. The image at the top of this post is an example of an Albertan artist's work, which is currently highlighted on the IOTAD Artography site.

Here is some information straight from their website:
IOTAD is committed to advocating for and supporting a creative sustainable economy by the transformation of ideas into value based enterprises. In doing so we build a community of sustainable 'creative class' businesses through the IOTAD focus on people, place and process. We believe that if we consistently work on getting patrons and artists together Alberta’s Arts and Cultural Industry will surpass all other industries in longevity and sustainability. And since this is the industry we choose to work in we are constantly working towards that goal.
This year we began our dream project – ALBERTA ARTOGRAPHY. Who wouldn’t want to travel the province and see all the artists studios and festivals?? Who wouldn’t want to know where the best coffee in the area can be bought when out there trekking? (Traveling as much as we do means we can’t be wasting time and money on a bad cup of coffee!) Who wouldn’t want to pay less for clean simple accommodations and stay a bit longer near that festival?
SO – Its pretty simple. You contact us, give us your details…we work with you on designing your ad for the most comprehensive ‘Culture Seeker’ travel guide that there is in Alberta. (We say in Alberta because BC and the Yukon and the Maritimes have the most amazing studio guides – with years of success.)
Contact us soon to be listed for next years travelers! Deadline is January 1. Brochures on the shelves by May long weekend and promotions in place for Alberta ArtsDays to have the BIGGEST province wide studio tour to celebrate!!
More information and online forms available at http://www.albertaartography.com/

Snail mail Alberta Artography Bx 2397 Jasper Alberta T0E 1E0

To book time in your studio with our cinematographer for your web post! Email video@iotad.ca
Email:  artography@iotad.ca

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