Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Haxton to House Municipal Programming

A new team of students will be offering programming in the community this summer – and they’ll have a new home base from which to do it.

RMWB Programs, a sub-unit of Parks, Recreation & Culture, set up shop in the Haxton Centre this week and began the work of organizing summer opportunities for local residents.

“We try to utilize all the parks within the municipality and provide programming to residents of all ages,” explained Roxanne Andras, recreation coordinator and a member of the RMWB Programs Advisory Committee.

“We do have a lot of programs that target the youth and younger kids, but we’re trying to program for all ages, including adults and seniors, this year.”

The 10-member student force will be led by team leaders Megan Brushett and Jillian Smith. The advisory committee – Roxanne Andras, Julie Coldwell, Michelle Dooley, Connor Buchanan and Deanne Lawrence – will provide oversight.

“The Haxton Centre will be the main hub,” said Dooley of the facility located within Borealis Park in downtown Fort McMurray. “We wanted to make the most of that space. It’s kind of in the hub of downtown. It’s a prime spot for youth to gather.”

As well as providing recreational opportunities, the team will add a cultural component. Craft clubs and even a June book swap are in the plans along with such events as skater jams.

Written and photographed by, the Communication Department of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo
Article taken from the Municipal Electronic Publication,"In Touch".

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