Friday, 30 April 2010

Arts and Cultural Logo

This logo was created to represent municipal arts and culture initiatives. A logo competition took place in early 2010. This winning logo was created by Fort McMurray's Ederlyn McGuigan and was then graphically treated by the municipality's Creative Services Branch.

The growing crescents in the logo represent nationalities residing in Wood Buffalo. The colours represent their differences and the colourful evolution of their arts and culture. Every crescent is connected to one another to show that even when there is constant change in a community, growth, development and unity are always a possibility.

The spaces represent open opportunity and limitless ideas. There is a space reserved for each and every resident to join in, participate and be part of the whole arts and culture circle.
Logo Competition

The Municipality received over thirty submissions for the logo competition by the closing date of February 19, 2010.

To view some of the entries, see the Cultural Logo Competition Submission Gallery.

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