Monday, 3 May 2010

A message from the Library Exhibitors

I recieved the following letter after attending the "Closing Hour" of the Power of the Artist Brush, this past Thursday. The show is great showcase of our local artistic tallent on display until May fifth in the Public Library.

From Left-Right: Margaret Sonnenburg, Uzma Nadeem, Louise van Elenburg

Above: Uzma, Louise and Frederick MacDonald

Above: Garry Berteig and Fred MacDonald

Dear all,

Margaret, Uzma and myself (Louise) would like to thank you for supporting us, either by attending our function in person or supporting us from a distance.
It is very well appreciated.

We had a great crowd of approx. 30 people during the Closing Hour of our exhibition. What became clear last night is that Fort McMurray definitely needs a proper space where local emerging artists are able to show their work year round. The time is right for several artist groups to work towards that goal. We feel fortunate to have two great “mentors” in Fred McDonald and Garry Berteig working with us! Let the Power of the Brush do the job!

If you missed the event or if you want to re-live the evening again, click here:

The exhibition is still open for public viewing at the library until May 5th.
If you are an artist and you like to contribute to lift the art awareness in Fort McMurray in any way, please contact me:

Margaret, Uzma and Louise

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