Friday, 26 March 2010

The power of the artists’ brush

Art Exhibition At Public Library
4th of April – 5th of May 2010

With original artwork from local artists Margaret Sonnenberg, Uzma Nadeem and Louise van Alenburg.

The show runs from the 4th of April (approx. 3 pm) to the 5th of May at the Fort McMurray library and was initiated by Margaret Sonnenberg.

These three artists met during the Winter Play Art Walk at MacDonald Island and are excited to have another opportunity to show their work.


Margaret Sonnenberg -

Born and raised in southern Alberta, the move in 1990 to Fort McMurray opened a door for me to enjoy the beauty of the fragile and pristine Boreal forest. Quietly exploring the rivers and lakes in a canoe or solo in a kayak... my husband and I find beautiful secluded waters and places seldom seen. This is a powerful experience. These moments are strong reminders of the common connection to the water, the air, and the land. It is these moments I want to share. It is this beauty I try to capture in paint.I attended the fine arts program in Red Deer College and then along with my husband raised a family in Fort McMurray. After the kids were independent I worked outside the home for eight years and then in 2008 decided painting would become my focus once again.Each painting has a story. Mine in the telling but more importantly yours in the seeing. My hope is, that what you see in these paintings brings you a little mystery, a bit of magic and a sense of contentment.

Louise van Alenburg -
Dutch born visual artist, Louise van Alenburg, studied art at the Vrije Academie in The Netherlands. She has been living in different countries for the last 14 years and these places left their mark upon her. She studied at the Chinese Brush Painting Society in Bangkok, took Batik lessons in Malaysia and in Russia she painted at the Artist Union with renowned artist Viktor Kovalevski.

She has been leading several art groups and had group- and solo exhibitions in Thailand, Malaysia, Russia and Canada. Her works are included in private collections all over the world, including the Russian Regional Museum of Sakhalin Oblast.

These international moves cause major changes to her life and she discovers new impressions through her paintings and poetry. Being in the North of Alberta it’s no surprise that inspiration comes from snow and ice. The immense force of crushed ice on the breaking Athabasca River is subject for the paintings on show.

Uzma Nadeem

"I had my Masters in Fine Arts from The Punjab University of Lahore, Pakistan with distinction. I am recently taking a workshop at Keyano College. My move to Fort McMurray with my family in May 2008 has opened new doors to future for me. So I started painting once again in Dec 2009. Painting is my passion and my career. I find mystery in colors and the way they effect peoples moods. All my traveling and the practical experiences in past few years are changing my painting style from Symbolic to Abstract. Through my artworks I want people to have a moment of joy and at the same time an understanding about the different realities of life."


  1. We are so fortunate to have these richly talented artists in Wood Buffalo. I saw some of Margaret's work at the Redpoll Centre earlier this week and was blown away. Uzma's piece shown above is a beautiful abstract that caught my eye during WinterPLAY. I look forward to seeing more of Louise's creations. Well done all!